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V e r n i s s a g e 


(or, the luxury of assuming free will)

Performance by SISTERLOOPS, 2pm, Saturday

Participating artists

Ida Thunström
Sisterloops (Alexandra Nilsson & Marie Gavois)
Sahar Burhan
Karin Häll

From which point of departure does the curator impose upon the supposed free will of the artist.

If taken into account, personal, societal, psychological and gender biased influences on the artist, most significantly the female artist working in Sweden today - is there an expectation whether consciously or not, a responsibility for the female artist, an assumption to address questions around the personal political, identity and gender - rather than the absolute action of them producing art in a still male dominated arena, being enough, a gesture in itself.
What constructs are placed upon the female artist and how broad is their 'Scope of Possibility' 

By choosing five artists from varying backgrounds and disciplines for this exhibition, I chose not to dictate any communal theme for their work, instead choosing to explore how the artist can work when not given metaphysical boundaries, rather those physcial constraints of time, space and economy. 

The resulting exhibition and performance is concerned with ideas around various freedoms/boundaries/ expectations and limitations - personal and political - the scope being from the inner unconscious to the outer very concrete realities of war. 

This work does not assume arrogance enough to offer answers, instead acting as a small contribution to the dialogue. 

Curated by 
Geraldine Hudson 

Utställning #2 i serien Frihet visas i Husby konsthall

Ida Thunström
Sisterloops (Alexandra Nilsson & Marie Gavois)
Sahar Burhan
Karin Häll

Utställningen kureras av Geraldine Hudson.
Utställningen pågår till och med 2.4.17.